Cuban way of life has a wide range of influences from Latina America, but it also has its own completely unique traditions. One of those is certainly how they observe weddings. You can find usually a lot of food, music, dancing, and merriment at a cuban wedding reception.

During the wedding, the bride wear a white colored attire that is a symbol of purity. The groom will commonly wear a darker suit having a white tee shirt or a Cuban guayabera. He may also provide the bride 13 coins, known as an aval, as a assurance to provide on her behalf during her marriage.

After the feast day, guests can celebrate which has a big food that includes lots of traditional dishes like roast pig and dark beans. Other popular dishes contain sweet plantains and mandioca fritters. The couple will then dance the bucks dance, which is where the bridegroom and groomsmen pin cash on the bride’s clothing to help procure her honeymoon vacation expenses.

The couple will then exchange bands, which is a symbol of the love and determination to each other. They are going to then chuck their bouquet, which is said to bring good luck towards the person who assaults it.

Afterwards, the couple will most likely choose godparents who will be working as mentors and advisers during their marriage. They will then simply light a unity candle together to represent all their union together. Many lovers save this kind of candle and lightweight it once again during their anniversary each year. Cubans are incredibly family- and community-oriented, so it isn’t really uncommon designed for close friends to arranged a couple’s marriage.